Saturday, July 4, 2009

How to calculate your GPA? Use a professional service!

I found some results on the internet for international students to get their credentials assessed to get their Canadian Grade Equivalent:

(1) for CES (Comparative Education Service) from the site

(2) (World Education Services). They even have an office in Toronto!

Until this morning, I had no clue about GPA (never heard about it in India). At 5 AM, I struck gold! Here's a useful link: A useful link for Indian students is:

Isn't it fascinating (and at the same time, confusing), how grades vary from country to country?!
For example, a score of 61% from India (grading system is extremely strict in India, eh?) is American equivalent of Grade "A-" & a GPA of 3.5, while a score of 61% from the UK is equivalent of "B+" and the same score of 61% from Japan is "C" in the US!

In the U.S, there is also for evaluation of your educational credentials.

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