Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Got full scholarship ($20,000 scholarship) from TRSM, Ryerson Univeristy!

When I checked my mail box today, I got a very pleasant surprise!

Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University has been very kind to offer me a 100% scholarship to join their MBA program. I am extremely touched by their gesture and generosity. It is a great feeling when someone makes you feel welcome and appreciated.

I feel very honoured and I am very grateful.

Ironically, I am looking for something else! At this stage, I am seeking admission into the best school around because I believe that I belong among the best brains and the best talent, among the best faculty and staff. Its a lot like the dating game - You like someone who doesn't like you (yet). But there is also someone who likes you, whom unfortunately, you don't like!

But I have to admit that TRSM, Ryerson was very strict with regards to selection of candidates. This is because I was asked to re-take my GMAT after my first score of 530/800 in order to be assesed again for selection. It was only after I managed to secure 640/800 that they selected me and gave me a scholarship. I love Ryerson U & the late Ted Rogers (may his soul rest in peace) for that!

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