Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mention in your application about the grading system in your Undergraduate University without fail !!!

If I have one important piece of advise to other applicants from around the world, it is this:

Please do pro-actively explain the grading system of the University from where you did your undergraduate degree in your application. Very very important, my friend!

You see, some Universities have 4 passing grades (Highest-Second-Third-Lowest-Fail), some have 3 passing grades (First Class - Second Class - Third Class - Fail), some have only 2 passing grades (First Class - Pass Class - Fail). I guess it is also called as a 4 , 3 or 2 division system?.

The same result can end up with a different GPA depending on what grading tier system it belongs to. Check out GPA conversion table from the link below from to realise how your GPA can vary in different tiers!

Always be safe, not sorry. I learnt this the hard way during my application process! Wish I could turn back time! Some times, life is not fair to you!

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