Tuesday, July 7, 2009

07/07/09: I confirmed my intention to join DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University!

7th July, 2009:
11:50 PM.
Toronto, ON

Today is one of the most important days of my life. 7 is a lucky number for me, personally and today is 7/7/09!

I just clicked on the internet icon (radio button) to confirm my intention to join the McMaster University's DeGroote School of Business for their MBA program in Health Sector Management. DeGroote has a unique style of getting acceptance from students for their MBA. It is online. And the deposit of $508 is made online too.

Cheers to the start of a career in Health Sector Administration or Healthcare Industry Consulting! I know I shall succeed if I work hard and focus on my goals.

I came to this conclusion after having visited the campus of McMaster University this afternoon and having spoken to their recruiting officers and having strolled around their facilities for a few hours. I feel that this program is the best fit for me since I am particularly interested in Health Sector Management MBA. McMaster has the best program in Canada for Healthcare Management since 20 years. When I graduate in 2011, I shall be automatically getting a certification in CCHSE (Canadian College of Health Service Executives) too.

That means that I shall be eligible to be work as:

  • Healthcare Consultant for private hospitals around the world

  • CEO of a Healthcare Facility in Canada / anywhere in the world

  • Administrator / Consultant in the Ministry of Health, Government of Canada

  • Entrepreneur by starting my own Consulting Company.

There is no way that I shall ever do a full time job like that of a Medical Representative. That is not for a doctor. I am cut out to be a CEO / Consultant / Entrepreneur, period.

I want to play a HUGE role in the future in improving the Healthcare system of Canada. I shall be persistent and go after the issue with focussed discipline and persistence till I get the job done. Also, I know numerous hospitals in the Middle East that need consulting. I have made many contacts during my 7 years in the Middle East.

Healthcare is going to be an ever bigger sector in the future, with the baby boomers retiring. And the best part of all, Healthcare can not be automated or outsourced. So these jobs will always be safe.

I pray to God almighty to give me the patience, stamina, motivation, resources and discipline to succeed in my endeavour to be one of the best brains and a leading authority in the world in the field of Health Sector Management. Its time to set new goals, seek new horizons and set higher standards for life. It is time to turn a new leaf, move on to a new chapter in life.

My plan is to do a 6 month post MBA diploma from Schulich School of Business after my MBA as a refresher. It shall also enable me to form new networks in the Schulich & the Kellogg HIMP programs and connect to the the Alumni of York University as well.

For now, I am glad that I am back into academic pursuit again and the future can only get better from here on.

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