Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why I ruled out the School of Business, U of A?

I hold a job in Toronto and can not relocate to U if A. I had visited their campus last year and liked their program immensely. I had applied for it to increase my options and widen my choice. Plus their tuition fee is affordable and they offer a large number of scholarships in the field of International Business.

The flipside is that the winters are BRUTAL there. I have met people from Ontario there (lots of them there from Barrie, Windsor etc) who were complaining about the brutality of the winters in Edmonton! (No Chinook winds like in Calgary to provide some respite). It is dry cold there (unlike the wet / humid cold in Toronto), but apparently it gets really bad on somedays (so much so that all vehicles have block heaters built into them to prevent the engine oil from freezing).

(I get a feeling that the School of Business, U of A is waiting for some huge donation from some wealthy guy inorder to name their Business School after someone. For now, it just goes by the name "School of Business")

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