Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why I ruled out Schulich MBA?

Not accredited by AACSB
York University is not in the top 500 in the ARWU 2008 rankings list

However, I am very convinced that Schulich offers one of the best MBA programs in Canada and will eventually be number one in Canada. I say this by judging the speed of growth of the Business School. There seems to be a mad passion and raw energy about them to want to be the best. And I respect that immmensely. Coz my personality is a lot like that. I am very much in awe of their marketing strategy too - the way they promote 'Brand Schulich' ... its awesome!

But their 6 month post MBA diploma is something of a double edged sword for them, I guess. While it adds to their multiple list of offerings (the highest in Canada), it may cause some students like me to slip away, thinking that I can always form an association with them later on, with a 6 month post MBA diploma program in HIMP and there is no need to do their MBA for the same purpose.

Also, their HIMP is pretty new. York University has been refused a Medical & Dental School recently and been refused additional funding from the government, if I remember right from some newspaper report. I am not aware of any fulltime tie ups with any Medical Schools or Hospitals (I could be wrong). How can the teaching of HIMP be complete without association collaboration with a Medical School & a teaching hospital?

Schulich MBA is out of my list for now, although I shall definetly go there in the future for their 6 month post MBA diploma in HIMP, to reinforce my knowledge and learn anything new that may be available) and participate with the Schulich MBA and network with their Alumni. And to form associations with the Kellogg School & their associate schools in India.

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