Friday, June 5, 2009

Visit the site & make the most of it

If you are thinking of MBA, you will have to log into website ofcourse, to register for your test. But this blog is intended to stress to you, the importance of making the most of the website and the items available on its online store.
I have so far made use of all its offerings including:-
  • Applying for the GMAT, ofcourse
  • Gaining information about the programs, suitability, criteria for ranking, selection
  • Purchase of the MBA survival kit - which includes 4 CDs on Accounting interactive, Quantitative Skills interactive, Finance interactive, Statistics interactive.
  • Career Leader self assessment tool
  • GMAT online practice tests (bundle of 3)
  • Purchase of the 3 official GMAC books (orange, green & blue books)
And I am happy with them so far. I am sure that you shall find them useful too.

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