Thursday, June 4, 2009

GMAT tips

The GMAT is not only a test of your Math skills, knowledge of English and analytical abilities, but also a test of your mental stamina and time management skills! Its not an easy exam to take at all! The best way to go about it is to start very early (atleast 6 to 8 months before the application deadlines and to take it twice if needed, to get a score that not only reflects your abilities but also meets your satisfaction. I know that many will disagree with what I just stated, but to be practical, the seriousness does not set in until the deadline approaches. Human nature, I think? Or was it just me?!)

How to study for GMAT?

  1. Be ambitious, aim high. Tell yourself that you want to score 800 out of 800. Do not aim to cross just over 500 or 550 out of 800. Aim high, reach high!
  2. Plan your GMAT well in advance and start preparations early
  3. Get the official GMAC books
  4. Take a training course if you are not good enough in Math or English
  5. Look at online videos for GMAT tips. You Tube has many good ones.
  6. Look at the videos on the GMAT section on the website . Sal Khan has solved ALL the questions on Quantitative Analysis for GMAT students.
  7. Remember, you WILL make mistakes on the GMAT as it is a high stamina exam and it is a race against time. You have to practice, practice, practice!
  8. Find out what you do not know. It is as important as finding what you do know.
  9. Pay attention to all aspects of the test, do not focus just on Math or English alone.
  10. Take the diagnostics test available for sale on or . They are very good.

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