Thursday, June 4, 2009

Current Status

So what have I done so far? What is my status as on 4th June regarding my application process?

  1. Made up my mind to do MBA this year starting Fall 2009
  2. Did research online about available MBA programs
  3. Visited the business school campuses in Toronto, Hamilton, Windsor, Calgary, Edmonton
  4. Prepared my update resume
  5. Prepared letter of intent (Statement of intent)
  6. Took TOEFL & asked for the test scores to be reported to the business schools. I scored 106 on my iBT.
  7. Took GMAT & had official results sent to the biz schools. I scored 530/800 in February, 2009 without much preparation. The first attempt was just to get started. I realised that I should have studied properly for it. But when I got started, I was so ignorant about the process. All of us improve with time and experience and by making mistakes!
  8. Created internet accounts for online applications multiple business schools
  9. Completed online applications
  10. Paid application fees using credit card
  11. Got 2 to 3 letters of reference prepared and sent directly to business schools
  12. Got 2 sets of transcripts sent from my previous University to the business schools
  13. Sent 2 sets of resume & 2 sets of letters of intent to business schools
  14. Prepared for the interview
  15. Approached banks for student loans
  16. Completed the OSAP online application form
  17. Prepared myself mentally for the school
  18. Brushing up on subjects like Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Quantitative skills
  19. Visited business school campuses again for the second time in Toronto and spoke to admission officers to confirm that they had received all my documents. Also tried to find out what my chances are about getting selected. I was told that I had a very good chance in all the schools that I have applied to, but I have to take the GMAT again and score atleast 550 in my 2nd attempt to be confirmed.
  20. Currently studying for GMAT 2nd attempt and preparing to take it in a few days.

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