Friday, June 5, 2009

Biz Schools requesting for 2nd GMAT score!!

Just got a phone call from a biz school in Toronto.

I was asked when I shall be submitting my 2nd GMAT score results. And I told them that I need 2 to 3 days more. I was supposed to take it on 1st June, but I postponed it to let my brain absorb the content and get used to the exam format a bit.

I scored 530/800 in my first attempt (which is around the 44th percentile - considered average - but remember, it was while competing mostly with people proficient in Math and people who have taken courses like Kaplan and studied for months!). I took it on Feb 12th without much preparation. And I have been out of touch with Math since 1992. And do not have an undergraduate degree in Commerce or business. I got my bachelor's degree in Medicine. Not much Math there!

Some biz schools accept even 500 (Odette), some have a minimum cut off of 520 (Rotman). But most prefer a score over 550 to be competitive. I need to cross 550 minimum to guarantee my seat. But I am attempting to get as close to 600 as possible.

Fingers crossed for a good score! Shall keep you posted!

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