Friday, June 5, 2009

Which Biz School? (again!!!)

You shall be so surprised that you shall be asking these questions over and over again for many many weeks!!!!

The questions in your head are:-

* Which biz schools are good?
* Which biz schools are good / suitable for ME?
* Which biz schools will select me?
* Which biz schools will I select?
* Which biz schools do I dream of going to if I had a chance?
* Which biz school shall be convenient for me (in terms of location, social circle etc)?
* Which biz schools can I afford?
* Should I delay admission by 6 months to get entry into the best school or just go for whatever biz school I get admitted into?

It is a sad fact that inspite of messing your head up with multiple questions, the question that matters the most ultimately is the last question !!!!

Quality & rankngs-wise, the good ones are:-

  1. Rotman MBA (University of Toronto, Toronto, ON)
  2. Queen's MBA (University, Kingston, ON)
  3. Schulich MBA (York University, North York, ON)
  4. Ivey MBA (University of Western Ontario, London, ON)
Affordability-wise, good ones are:-

  1. Ted Rogers MBA (Ryerson University, Toronto, ON)
  2. DeGroote MBA (McMaster University, Hamilton, ON)
  3. Laurier MBA (Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, ON)

To be fair to Ryerson, Ted Rogers MBA is a relatively new business school (started only in 2005?). So, lets not be too harsh to judge. Hopefully, the school will make a name for itself in the future! In any case, I vote it #1 in terms of biz school campus. It's definetly the sexiest one!

Sometimes (or often times), it all comes down to money, sweet heart!

There! you have learnt the first business lesson already, even before you got into a business school! Money makes the world go round! No money, no honey! But hey, a man can dream, right?

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