Thursday, June 4, 2009

OSAP application

I just filled out the OSAP application form online and submitted it. It was quick and easy!

I had to create an account using my social insurance number (also had to mention my driver's license number later). And then, answer basic questions about address, courses taken in the past, whether had bankruptcy in the past, assets, which school I intended to attend, what courses I had taken in the past and so on. Fair enough... After completing the application, I am supposed to send a signed form to the concerned office along with a copy of the PR card.

The message that appeared on the screen mentioned that the application would be processes in 48 hours. But what was wierd was that the amount it said would be granted was only CAD.7500! That is nowhere near what I shall need for my MBA, even if it is part time.

I need to follow up on that one and find out what is going on here!

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