Saturday, July 18, 2009

Missing the names of some B Schools in my Blog, Sorry! My apology to Ivey, Laurier & Queen's MBA programs for not mentioning them.

This blog was more to document my application and thought process for the MBA program and less to be an exhaustive source of info for future MBA applicants. I realize that my blog is now showing up on Google search results. And someday, may even appear in the first 2 or 3 pages when someone searches for "Toronto MBA" or "Toronto MBA blogs".

So, I wish to apologize in advance, for not mentioning the names of some B schools like Queen's, Ivey & Laurier. These are excellent B schools, as everyone knows!

The reason for this is that I live in Toronto West area. And for me, the closest B Schools were Schulich, DeGroote, Ted Rogers & Rotman. Infact, DeGroote is only just a little further to me than is Schulich. (And with the new campus in September 2010, Burlington, DeGroote shall be even closer). The distance factor was why I did not apply for Ivey, Queen's or Laurier. Being a part time student, I am not able to relocate to Kingston or London or Waterloo either.

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