Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The interview at the Rotman MBA Admissions Office

(I was at home, resting after a work trip around noon time, when I got an Email on my Blackberry asking me to inform the Biz school, if I would be free on Monday afternoon for a personal interview. I replied that I would be out of town on Monday and that she could call me anytime until Monday for the interview. I got a phone call in 10 minutes asking me when would be a suitable time. I replied that I was free that day and she asked me if I could attend the same day afternoon at 3 PM. I agreed!)

The interview went well. There was just one interviewer and she was very pleasant. It seemed more like a chit chat rather than like a tense job interview.

I had not made any real preparations prior to the interview... just had a shave and a shower, sprayed some body spray, pulled out my dark suit from the closet, a blue shirt and a navy blue neck tie, put on my best watch and eye glasses, hopped into a cab and went to the school. I was not nervous about the interview, but at the last moment in the cab, I did have a few anxious seconds wondering how it would go and if I should have prepared more. But with my job that has me flying all over the world, I have made it a habit to attend to tasks in town at the earliest and not to delay them. So I am glad that I scheduled the interview the same day.

It was raining cats and dogs and the Toronto traffic was hell on that day. (I had called a cab at 2:30 PM and left home). When the cab was stuck in a traffic jam due to the rain, I did call to inform her that I would be 5 minutes late. The interview was at 3 PM and I got there exactly at 3:05 PM as promised. I wish I had been there 15 minutes early, but I scheduled my interview just 2 & 1/2 hours prior, so I did not have much time to prepare.

The interviewer had done her homework very well. She knew all about my grades and the details in my resume as well as statement of intent. She asked a wide range of questions, some of which included: Why MBA? Why now? Why our biz school? Describe a recent accomplishment? How will you manage your job and the classes if selected? Plus there were questions about my grades in the undergraduate studies, questions about my current job. Actually, there were a lot more questions, but I can not remember them all at this stage. (To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed about the experience of even having stepped into this prestigious school, even if it was for an interview. This is truly the place where I wanna be as a student!)

It was a nice ambience and the interview went on for about 35 minutes. I was made to feel welcome right from the start... from the receptionist to the interviewer. At the end of the interview, I was asked if I have any questions. I replied that I had none, as I had done my research already and had made up my mind that this is the school I wish to attend.

Before leaving, she gave me her business card, I gave her mine and I was told that I would be informed of a decision soon. I am hopeful of being accepted at this stage and am awaiting official confirmation of acceptance.

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