Saturday, January 21, 2012

Location is (almost) everything! Yonge-Dundas square rocks! Our MBA program next to YD square and our Business School is actually (almost) in a shopping Mall !!!. How cool is THAT? Take that, other schools, LOL :)))

I am so glad that our Business School is located in downtown Toronto. Location is almost everything! It makes it a whole lot easier to commute to the downtown using the TTC. It is good to be in the middle of shopping areas and at the heart of bustling economic engine of Ontario and perhaps Canada.

It is good to be located on Bay Street where all the major financial institutions and Consulting / Auditing firms have their offices, if not head offices. It feels great to be in the thick of the action.

Feel hungry? There are tons of places to eat. Feel bored? There are movie theatres around. Feel like a beer or wedges or wings? A dozen or more pubs around. Urban eatery of  Eaton centre has offers extensive choices of all kinds. Business meeting? No problem. Wanna go on a date? No problem. We are on top of Best Buy & Canadian Tire. Why, we can even boast of a strip club in the vicinity. Just saying. Not that I recommend it to you, lol.

Yonge & Dundas is the heart of the downtown area and we are right there! Even when it is -12 degrees C outside, you can still feel brave enough to wake up, brush your teeth, shower, dress up, grab your coffee and head to the MBA class. I can not imagine this if there was a long commute to the suburb in exposed environment. About the Yonge & Dundas square, you can get some info here: . A lot of times, there are free give aways at this location.

I can not recollect how many times I have had free handouts (advertising promotions, of course, but hey, whois complaining? :) . Some of the free things I have had so far at the YD square are:
  • ENOS energy drink
  • Shampoo
  • McCafe coffee & apple slices
  • Toronto Star newspaper
  • Beer bottle
  • More soon.. (will post when I remember)

Overall, I am glad that our school is where it is - Physical locationwise! In terms of the location on Business School rankings, like Financial Times rankings or Business Week or McLeans, I wish that we had some better location, ha ha ha :) But it is coming, baby! It is certainly on the way !!!

Ted Rogers said (and in the beginning, I thought that this quote was too insignificant or copied or blown up to make it look good), but he supposedly said "The best is yet to come". And you know what? I love this sentence now since it inspired hope. Yeah baby, the best is indeed yet to come for our business school !

- Gerry Som.

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