Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some of the milestones in my journey towards getting admission into an MBA program and pursuing an MBA!

I blog about my MBA student life experience at www.gerry.in . My life has been one helluva roller coaster ride in 2009 end and 2010, with regards to pursuing an MBA. Here is what happened:-
  • February to July 2009: I applied to 5 business schools
  • Got accepted to 4 schools + interviewed at 1
  • Was awarded a $20,000 scholarship at Ryerson U in 2009 and I accepted it.
  • I paid $1000 deposit and enrolled at Ryerson U for Full Time MBA.
  • Changed my mind and enrolled into McMaster University for Part Time MBA
  • I informed Ryerson that I shall not be able to do a F/T MBA. Have to go P/T. And that I have decided to do it at McMaster U instead of Ryerson. 
  • Pushed the date of joining at McMaster to January 2010 (they have a batch starting in Jan too). 
  • Due to change of personal circumstances, could not start MBA in Jan 2010. 
  • I applied for OSAP for McMaster for Fall 2010, but OSAP was rejected. I was left with no source of funding for McMaster University MBA. Had to go to Plan B. 
  • Applied for Ryerson again in 2010 for Fall term. 
  • Got accepted into Ryerson U again and was once again offered the $20,000 scholarship. 
  • This time, I did accept it and did enroll in Ryerson University for the MBA.
  • I started the program in September 2010 and am almost done. I hope to graduate in a few months!
When I started at Ryerson U, at the beginning, I was skeptical and was not sure if I was in the right place. But gradually, I realized that I was in a good Business School.

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