Thursday, May 6, 2010

Selecting Business Schools: A case study

Interesting case study of an East Indian student who applied & got admission into Wharton School of Management.

From the link:-

Selecting Business Schools

There are three factors that influenced my selection of universities to apply:

1. Craving factor: Top Schools.

2. Sanity factor: Which ones fit your long term career needs?

3. Safety factor: Where can you get in?

I was told to consider each of the above factors before selecting the final list of universities to apply.

I chose:

- Harvard and Wharton as I wanted to be in one of these schools.

- Thunderbird and Moore because I wanted International Business.

- Vanderbilt and Carnegie Mellon, as I was told that I would get one of them.

I got Wharton, Thunderbird and Vanderbilt.

I think that had I not got Wharton, Thunderbird and Vanderbilt were good schools to go to.

But believe me this Craving/Sanity/Safety theory is a handy one to use when selecting your own set of schools.

While selecting on the basis of the sanity factor, all the research you do to find schools for your needs, comes in really handy when you answer, "Why you chose our school?" question for your essays.

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