Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why I ruled out Ryerson MBA? (in JULY 2009)

    * University is not within the top 500 in the world
    * The MBA is still a new program, not yet ranked
    * No special program for HSM (only 3 specializations available as of 2009)
    * Small Alumni, small class size & hence small range of discussions
    * Small networking opportunities
    * Small Facebook group. Not much energy & activity online yet
    * Middle of the city, no natural environment (I am tired of the city now, need to get out. I like the campus of McMaster better). I am attracted to the Ivy League style buildings of McMaster more than the glass and steel structures. McMaster was founded in 1887 and I like that fact.
    * Campus life not fun enough ?
    * ? reputation with recruiters (especially for top jobs)
    * Industry networks - not that great ?
    * Specializations are limited. No Finance or Healthcare specialization. 

    Note: The management of TRSM is working hard to improve the B School and it is only a matter of time before we see advances. Ryerson U is already winning in MBA games & other competitions.

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