Monday, July 6, 2009

Sad end to my Rotman School of Management dream... (A blunt rejection letter)

6th July, 2009
9:40 AM

Today, it was confirmed that I was not accepted into Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and that I am not eligible to apply in the future too. Unfortunately, it all came down to a legal technicality :( I was shattered and cried. I felt betrayed and cheated. I deserved to be in that program. I am as good as anyone else, and as deserving, to be in that program.

The reason cited was that as per the criteria of the University, I do not have a First Class in the final year of my Medical School. I scored 60.7% and my GPA converted to U.S. standards is 3.5+ and my grade is between "A-" and "B+". And the grading system is pretty strict in India.

Though I tried very hard, the MBA Admissions team did not accommodate me. I lost a good program, they lost a good student. There was so much that we could have done together, but it was not to be. This is what happens when you stick to technicality, instead of reality. What kind of display of Integrative Thinking was that ?! If you can't smell a good student when you see one, you are doing something wrong, U of T. I wrote emails to the Dean's assistant, but with no response. God knows I look up to Dean Martin as my Hero. Which is why I had wanted so badly to study at Rotman School of Management.

The following table is how I put my final appeal to the Admissions Office at the Rotman School of Management. My appeal was unsuccessful. They did not accept me. No reply to the appeal from the Dean's assistant. I did not like how I felt at the end of it all. I wish it was different.

Comparison of my profile to the admission requirements for MBA Major in Health Sector:

Requirements of the School vs
* My Profile.

A recognized undergraduate degree
* I have M.B.B.S. from J.N.M.C. is recognized by W.H.O.

A 4 year undergraduate degree
* I have 5 & ½ years (4 & ½ + 1 year internship)

Mid B average in final year
* Mine is an “A-” or a “B+” based on different scales

GPA of 3.0
* My GPA is 3.5 or more, based on different scales

Decent GMAT score
* My GMAT is 640 / 800 (June, 2009)

My TOEFL scores:
* 106 / 120 (February, 2009)
* 277 / 300 (September, 2002)
* 270 / 300 (May, 1999)

My IELTS score:
* 7.5 / 9 (July, 2003)

4 years full time work experience
* I have more than 11 years experience at this time

2 reference letters
* Provided

* Attended on June 17th, 2009. Interview by Bailey Daniels went well. She seemed satisfied.

* Yes (I was an excellent ER doctor, have treated almost 5000 patients, saved scores of lives & limbs, worked in all areas of healthcare over the last 11+ years. I am a self made man, have no criminal records, am drug & disease free, worked in 5 countries, been to 50+ countries, flown in 50+ airlines, visited most major cities in the world by age 34. I have taken care of my parents for 12 years. Made the journey from a middle class family in a small town in India to Canada’s biggest city and became a Canadian citizen. I have had interesting life experiences, and think I am an outstanding MBA applicant, as good as any other)

Potential to become exceptional leader
* Yes (Intelligence, persistence, empathy & more)

Demonstrated leadership capabilities?
* Yes (I was General Secretary in Medical School in India, Head of Medical Records Dept at the age of 27 in a big hospital in Saudi Arabia, Administrative Physician in Bahrain, Business Development Manager in Dubai, almost appointed as Asst. Medical Director in Bahrain. Wish to be a Management Consultant & Entrepreneur in future.)

Strong motivation – Academic?
* Yes (Until 10th grade: between 91% to 97%, Grade 10th: A1 (82.4%), Grade 12: First Class (82.3%), MBBS: “A-”(60.7%). Never failed exams)

Strong motivation – Professional?
* Yes (I have regularly been taking short courses to update my Medical skills.)

Strong motivation – Personal?
* Yes (I have overcome many socio-economic-cultural challenges & hurdles in life. Wasn’t easy. But I never gave up)

* Yes (My priorities in life are my family, health, education, peace of mind, security & progress. I don't party, do drugs or fool around)

Well rounded experience
* I am especially proud of my experience in every major field of Healthcare. I am good enough to contribute to your program immensely and to the Ministry of Health, Canada in the future.

Desire to have an impact
* Very strong (I wish I could wipe every tear from every eye, feed every hungry stomach, put a roof over every head. I care for the underprivileged.)


Since it is confirmed that I won't be going to Rotman and I for sure will not enjoy wearing the Rotman T shirt that I had bought to inspire me, I wonder what do I do with the shirt & pen now? Put it on eBay? kidding. (Update: I gave away my Rotman Tshirts to Salvation Army with a very heavy heart. Rotman seems to have conveyed to me that I was not good enough for them. That was so painful to me)

It shall stay with me as a reminder that in life, you win some and you lose some. You can not have everything you want and it is still ok! You will still live and life shall go on! The reason why I wanted a seat in Rotman so bad was that it is very prestigious and it is very close to home. It would have been very convenient for me!

I guess I shall leave Toronto now and move to Hamilton to study at McMaster University's DeGroote School of Business!

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