Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ranking of Medical Schools in Canada (Mclean's 2008)

Here is the list of rakings of Medical Schools as per Mclean's with regards Medical Doctoral category ( research & Ph.D.) Why am I interested in this list? That's because a Ph.D. is my next goal after the MBA in HSM. And for my research purposes during the HSM and during the Ph.D, I need to be attached to a Medical School and a teaching hospital.

Ranking - Medical School in Canada.
1-------- McGill
2-------- UBC
2-------- Queen's
4-------- Toronto
5-------- Alberta
6-------- McMaster
7-------- Western
8-------- Dalhousie
9-------- Ottawa
10------ Calgary
11------ Saskatchewan
12------ Laval
12------ Sherbrooke
14------ Montreal
15------ Mannitoba

So, is McMaster good enough? McMaster is PERFECT !

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