Sunday, July 26, 2009

MBA interviews (my personal experience)

From my experience, this is what I can share with future applicants regarding MBA interviews:

Rotman MBA:
Personal interview for 35 minutes. Not accepted.

U of Alberta MBA:
Had telephone interview for 20 minutes. Accepted 10+ days later

Ryerson MBA:
No interview (accepted based on profile & GMAT)

Schulich MBA:
No interview (accepted based on profile & GMAT)

DeGroote MBA:
No interview for part time MBA (accepted based on profile & GMAT)
But I heard that there is an intense 1 hour interview for Co-Op MBA program which focuses a lot on behavioural assessment.

Haskayne MBA:
does not apply. (seats were full even before deadline)

Odette MBA:
does not apply. (no 2 year program. My file was closed)


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