Monday, July 6, 2009

Update about Haskayne, U of C

I just called Haskayne, U of C and asked for the status of my application. The lady on the phone said that:
  • my application had been late
  • the spots were full
  • there was a huge volume of applications this year, higher than the past years
  • she could hang on to my application for next year, if I wish to reapply.

She said that a lot of the laid off engineers had applied early to the program. Then, I told her my entire story so far. She was so very sweet (one of the friendliest people in all the Admissions Offices that I have talked to) and she gave me advise for 10 minutes about what she thinks I should do. I am touched! Told you Albertans are sweet!

She also told me that I could join any accredited Business School that I wanted to, but that I should secure very high marks during my MBA program. And then, I shall be set. I asked if doing MBA from Ryerson and a Post MBA diploma from York is a good idea and she told me that it would be an excellent idea. She said that she knows the Assistant Dean of York very well and she is very capable.

So, I have to cross out Haskayne from my list too, for this year. Again, with no hard feelings. How can you upset with someone this sweet and with such a good heart :)

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