Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ryerson MBA info

RYERSON MBA by the numbers

Location: --------------------------------Toronto
2007 GMAT Average:------------------- 615
Undergrad Average:-------------------- B+
Duration: --------------------------------12 months
Tuition for Full Program:-------------- $13,200
Acceptance Rate:----------------------- 27%
Prior Average Work Experience:------ 6.3 years
Post MBA Salary Average:-------------- N/S
Male to Female ratio:------------------- 64:36
International Students:---------------- 16%
Part-Time Students:-------------------- 45%
EMBA Students:------------------------- N/A
Full-Time Class Time:------------------15 hours
Part-Time Class Time:----------------- 6 hours
Mandatory Attendance:--------------- Yes
Full-Time Study Time:---------------- 40-50 hours
Part-Time Study Time:---------------- 16-20 hours
Founded:-------------------------------- 2006

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