Friday, June 5, 2009

Random notes for GMAT (Verbal section)

Analysis of an issue:-
Develop your own position. Your views are ok to be (and need to be) presented.

Analysis of an argument:-
Just do a critique of the argument. Do NOT present your own views, experiences, examples or bias.


Analysis of ISSUE questions:-

  • Which stand do you find more compelling? A or B?
  • Explain your position using relevant reasons and / or examples from your experiences, observation and reading.
Analysis of an ARGUMENT questions:-
  • Line of reasoning
  • Use of evidence
  • Questionable assumptions
  • Alternative explanations or examples that might weaken the conclusion
  • What sort of evidence would weaken or strenthen the argument?
  • What changes in the argument would make it logically sound?
  • What would help you better evaluate its conclusion?



  • Don't jump to conclusions about the right answer. Evaluate them ALL.
  • Don't be too wordy and long in sentences
  • At the same time, do not fragment sentences too much
  • Do not use slang words in your arguments or analysis
  • "The" is a good way to start sentences (in sentence correction section), ofcourse other grammar has to be right too.
  • Simply having correct grammar for the particular fragment (underlined) is NOT enough. It should sit well with the rest of the sentence too and this is very important. That is where you make mistakes commonly.
  • Parallelism is very important in sentence correction. For example, "-ing" should be followed by "-ing" and "-ed" should be followed by "-ed".
  • Present, Past & Future of the Perfect, Progressive & Perfect Progressive : know about them!
More later...


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