Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello! (My first blog)

4th June, 2009.

This is my first blog, hopefully, in a series of many.

Why am I writing this blog?

The intention of this blog is to document my experiences while applying for MBAs in Canada, particularly in Toronto and later on, to go on to document the experience of doing the MBA itself.

I wish to share information with people who are are in the same situation as me as right as well to people who shall be in this situation in the future. I myself benefited from the multiple blogs and reviews on the internet. And I am a proud supporter of the process of crowdsourcing, where people develop content for the benefit of others, wiki-style.

I am grateful to the thousands of YouTubers, Wikipedians and Bloggers out there as well as the many search engines who help internet users gain valuable knowledge and user reviews that would otherwise not have been possible.

My profile is that I am a 34 year old single male, a Canadian Permanent Resident and soon to be citizen of Canada. I have an undergraduate degree in Medicine from India. I have applied to multiple universities so far to get admission for the Fall 2009 MBA program, part time.

I hope you like the blogs. You are welcome to post comments and allow this blogsite to serve as a discussion board for users in the future.

Thank you.

Toronto, ON, Canada.

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